"Unparalleled yield, purity pre- and post- thaw viability"

The TotiCyte Technology

TotiCyte is a patented reagent formulated from low concentrations of DMSO and Dextran 500.  When added to whole blood at a one-to-one ratio, TotiCyte causes the erythrocytes to gently aggregate and rouleaux. This produces a pure, concentrated red cell layer at the bottom of the sample leaving all other blood components, including the white cell fraction, suspended in plasma above.  As a result, the plasma, containing all of the buffy coat, platelets and other blood factors, can be extracted and utilised, leaving the waste red cell product behind.

TotiCyte is the only red cell separation technology to remove 99.3% of red cells, without any loss to other blood components.

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Available in 200ml, 100ml and 50ml, TotiCyte is hugely beneficial in a range of processes that require the isolation of non-red cell populations from blood, including platelets, CD34+ cells, CD45+ cells and T-cells.

Technical information

TotiCyte is a CE marked medical device. TotiCyte is manufactured under GMP conditions in an ISO13485 certified facility. 
PDF: TotiCyte Data Sheet  
PDF: Certificate of Analysis