"Concentrated, cell-free,

TotiCyte Platelet-rich-plasma

Based on the TotiCyte platform, T-PRP is the world’s first entirely cell-free, concentrated platelet-factor-rich plasma.

Clinical benefit

100% cell free – 1 in 4 interarticular injections using other PRP systems will result in a flare.  A flare is inflammation in the joint, which may result in significant pain for up to 48 hours.

T-PRP is free of any cells or cellular debris.  This greatly reduces the risk of a flare.  In a recent clinical study 20 dogs were treated using T-PRP and none developed any kind of pain or inflammation; as yet no flares have been reported using T-PRP.

Predictable concentration level – TotiCyte holds all platelets in a blood sample in an inactivated state until the plasma has been reduced to the desired volume.  This means that the platelet factors are not released and lost during processing.

As a result, T-PRP can be consistently concentrated to the required level – every time.

Variable volumes – T-PRP can be concentrated to any volume without any loss to the platelet factors.  This means that highly concentrated PRP can be injected into the smallest of joints.

Generic protocol
  1. Mix equal volumes of blood and TotiCyte and rest for 30 minutes
  2. Dispose of the red cell fraction
  3. Centrifuge to pellet the white cell fraction and platelets
  4. Remove excess plasma
  5. Re-suspend the pellet and activate the platelets with CaCl2
  6. Centrifuge again to pellet the cells
  7. Extract the platelet-factor-rich-plasma and filter
Purchase information

For purchasing information, please contact us on 01444 873950 or via email: sales@cytetech.com


TotiCyte is beneficial in most procedures that require the removal of red cells and the isolation of other blood components from whole blood.

Currently we provide TotiCyte protocols for:

Cord Blood Processing and Banking 

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (T-PRP) 

For all other applications, please contact us on 01444873950 for more information.