"Unbeatable cell recovery and CFU growth"

Clinical BioBanking with TotiCyte

TotiCyte yields more viable CD34+ pre-freeze and post-thaw than any other cord blood processing system available today.  It also results in faster, more efficacious CFU growth and 99.3% haematocrit removal.  

The TotiCyte cord blood protocol is designed to deliver cord blood units that meet all criteria for optimal clinical performance.

The system

TotiCyte is a sterile CE marked device that is compatible with most automated and semi-automated systems, and manual cord blood processing.

Clinical benefit

TotiCyte delivers umbilical cord blood samples that meet the optimal specifications for clinical use:

Viable cell recovery

Once HLA has been confirmed, the critical factor in determining a successful cord blood transplant is cell count.

CyteTech has conducted an in-vitro study comparing viable cell recovery post-processing and post-thaw for TotiCyte with existing cord blood processing systems.  TotiCyte recovers 96.9% viable CD34+ cells post-processing and 63.2% viable CD34+ cells post-thaw.  This means that it delivers 8% more viable CD34+ post-processing and 112% more viable CD34+ post-thaw than any other system.

Higher cell yield enables the treatment of larger individuals without the need for double cords, and makes smaller samples more efficacious.

Switching to TotiCyte has the potential to transform clinical utility of the cord blood units you store, giving private banks a sustainable competitive advantage, and increase profitability of the public banking model.


Colony forming units

Transplant centres use CFU as an indicator for how cells will perform in transfusion – the better they grow, the more efficacious they are likely to be in treatment.

The TotiCyte cord blood protocol treats the white cell fraction very gently and removes almost all of the red cells in a sample.  It is likely that this is why units processed using TotiCyte outperform all other systems in CFU.

CyteTech compared CFU growth for TotiCyte against the industry’s leading processing system.  On a like-for-like basis TotiCyte delivers 2.0 times more CFU.

Download the in-vitro study here: PDF

Red cell removal

TotiCyte removes 99.3% of red cells from a cord blood unit, which significantly reduces ABO incompatibility issues.  Currently a sample must contain 5% or less red cells for a transfusion where the blood types are incompatible – TotiCyte consistently produces cord blood units well below this threshold.

VSEL retention

Most cord blood processing methods do not retain all white cell populations in cord blood.  For example, Very Small Embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) are almost always lost.

TotiCyte has been proven to retain all white cell populations in cord blood, including VSELs.

Generic TotiCyte protocol
  1. TotiCyte and whole umbilical cord blood are combined in a processing vessel at a ratio of one-to-one and left to sediment for 30 minutes.
  2. Upon competition of the sedimentation step, the red cell fraction is disposed of, leaving the entire white cell fraction suspended in plasma.
  3. The plasma is centrifuged at low speed to pellet the buffy coat
  4. Excess plasma is removed and disposed of and the sample is placed into cryopreservation.
Purchase information

For purchasing information, please contact us on 01444 873950 or via email: sales@cytetech.com





TotiCyte is beneficial in most procedures that require the removal of red cells and the isolation of other blood components from whole blood.

Currently we provide TotiCyte protocols for:

Cord Blood Processing and Banking 

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (T-PRP) 

For all other applications, please contact us on 01444873950 for more information.