The Enabling Technology

TotiCyte is a CE marked, patented separation technology that enables the removal of 99.3% of erythrocytes from whole blood with minimal losses to all other blood components, including the white cell fraction. TotiCyte recovers more cells post-processing and 3 times more viable cells post-thaw than alternative methods Learn more >

Applications of TotiCyte

Clinical BioBanking

TotiCyte enables the isolation and storage of stem cell concentrate from cord blood with minimal red cell contamination and 3 times higher viable CD34+ recovery post-thaw than alternative systems. Learn more>


T-PRP is 100% red and white cell free; eliminating flares. It contains a predictable, high concentration of factors and can be made to any volume required Learn more>

How TotiCyte works

TotiCyte is a solution of Dextran and DMSO. When added to whole blood it causes the erythrocytes to rouleaux and sediment.  All other blood constituents remain suspended in plasma, and are expressed for further processing, leaving the pure red cell concentrate behind.

TotiCyte 50ml

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TotiCyte 200ml

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Calcium Chloride

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Semi-automated plasma extractor

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